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Our quality promise

To give you the dream home that you have always wanted, we ensure that we give you the best of everything; right from the materials we use to the finishes we apply.

  • 2 year warranty
  • ISO certified plywood and laminates

Materials and Finishes

This is what your furniture is made of. Choosing the right base material, whether tough and robust, or something lighter and more suited to your budget, decides how your room will work for a long time to come. Consider this as one of your most important decisions while choosing furniture.

Oak Hardwood: Durable, economic choice


If you’re looking for strong, durable furniture that not only looks sophisticated, but also fits your budget, oak is a good choice.

  • Ideal for lighter-coloured furniture
  • Pleasant texture and grains for a uniform look
  • Takes well to polishing and staining, adding to its life
  • Can be carved and moulded into many styles

Teak Hardwood: Strong, dense and durable


Popular worldwide for making furniture, teak is hard, strong, highly stable and immensely workable.

  • Highly resistant to decay and rot, ensuring that your furniture lasts longer
  • Relatively maintenance free, making it a value-for money buy
  • Can withstand warping and cracking even after years
  • Naturally medium brown in colour, it can be simply polished in many finishes, adding to a glossy look and its lifespan

White Ash Hardwood: Sturdy yet lightweight


As the lightest coloured wood, it possesses a straight grain giving it a naturally smooth appearance. Its strength and durability make it an ideal choice for furniture that will last.

  • With a good strength to weight ratio, ash wood furniture is light enough to be moved around – pick it if you like changing the look of your room often
  • Produces high quality pieces as it’s relatively easy to work with
  • The natural beauty of its colour shines through as it can be easily stained and polished or simply varnished

Boiling Water Proof Plywood: Tough and economical

₹₹ ₹₹

Also known as marine ply or BWP ply, this is the strongest and most durable plywood used in homes. Its robust structure makes it ideal for use in areas that get wet often – think kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas so on.

  • Waterproof due to the synthetic resins that glues the individual veneers
  • Apart from kitchens etc., ideal for wardrobes if they back external walls
  • Look out for a BWP stamp from the manufacturer

Boiling Water Resistant Plywood: Strong and weather-resistant


As its name suggests, Boiling Water Resistant plywood is weather-resistant. This type of plywood is ideal for use in spaces exposed to adverse moisture or if your home is in a humid location.

  • Look out for a BWR (as opposed to BWP) stamp from the manufacturer
  • The wood can survive boiling water - perfect for wood used in kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas and for wardrobes if they back external walls
  • A Phenol Formaldehyde (PF) resin is used to seal the plywood from water, ensuring a longer life

Medium Density Fibre board: Stable and cost-effective


This fibre board has a higher density and can help you save on costs as it can be painted or stained to look just like wood.

  • This is a dry-formed panel, manufactured by applying high pressure and heat to wood pulp (not sheets of wood veneer). These are bonded together with synthetic resin - resulting in a uniform sheet.
  • The medium density fibre board stays strong and dimensionally stable, even under pressure – making it ideal for bed or sturdy tables
  • Its material is consistent and its cut edges do not display splinters or unevenness
  • It can be easily painted or laminated as a surface finish, saving on costs

The surface finish for your furniture is a key step in completing your décor. Be it a laminate that can duplicate almost all surfaces, or an organic veneer with an exclusively natural pattern. Choosing the right external finishes plays an important role in providing an aesthetic look to your furniture, and consequently your entire home. So pick prudently.

Veneer Sheets: Exclusive, unique designs


Wood veneer sheets are made from real wood. It offers a rich and elegant surface with a warm, natural, and organic look. It is a safe bet to help achieve a sophisticated look, while keeping it easy to maintain.

  • These 8-inch by 4-inch sheets are 4-millimeter thin slices of wood
  • The veneer will be glued on ply, and then polished or stained for the final glossy finish to bring out its patterns derived from nature
  • Natural wood grain patterns are available in varieties of walnut, teak, mahogany, wenge, and beech wood
  • Veneer can be easily cleaned with a dry cloth and will require re-polishing only after 6 to 8 years

Laminates: cost-effective, versatile colours and textures


Laminates are machine-made finishes for your furniture. This enables you to get a wide range of design and colour options to choose from.

  • These 8-inch by 4-inch sheets are 1 to 2 millimeters thick
  • Laminates can mimic wood and leather finishes, or solid glossy, matte colours
  • Easy to maintain, they are much more stain and scratch-resistant and can be cleaned with a wet cloth – making them a perfect fit for furniture that will have rougher use (think kids’ beds or WFH desks)
  • If you’re looking for a contemporary and unconventional aesthetic, these highly durable laminates are the best choice for you

These are interior surface finishes that will not be outwardly visible, but keeps your furniture tougher from the inside, enhancing its functions in many ways. A white laminate or a wood grained laminate are both low in maintenance and highly durable.

White Laminate: Economic, high visibility contrast


This laminate lends a lighter façade to your furniture interiors, enabling you to easily view and locate items stored within.

  • It enhances the functional aspect of your furniture by enabling visibility
  • Get a decorative, finished look for your furniture, cost-effectively
  • White provides a contrasting surface finish colour to exterior finishes

Wood Grained Laminate: Complement exterior finishes, elegantly


This laminate can last for years without fading. You also get a unique look for your furniture pieces with a variety of options in colours and appearance similar to solid wood.

  • These 8-inch by 4-inch sheets are 1 to 2 millimeters thick
  • These laminate finishes can beautifully mimic veneer or wood finishes
  • Scratch-proof and easy to maintain, these surfaces can be cleaned with a wet cloth

The hardware of your furniture needs to be functional and comfortable to use - it should complement a product’s style rather than distract from it. This is why we partner with Blum, Hafele, and Hettich, world-wide leading brands that assure you of durable and long-lasting hardware.

Soft Closing Hinges: Longevity, durability, and quality

These help your shutters close silently and gradually, preventing cabinet doors from being slammed into the frame. Result? Prolonged furniture life.

  • These TUV certified anti-corrosive steel hinges have undergone anti-corrosion testing with a salt-spray testing ensuring durability in corrosive environments
  • The attractive nickel-plated finish guarantees a high standard of quality in material and finish
  • To ensuring high operational durability, they are tested to over 40,000 cycles

Telescopic Channels: Ease of use, anti-tilt function

Telescopic channels are the fittings mounted on the edges of drawers. They help prolong the working lifetime of drawers by delivering a higher level of functionality.

  • Specially designed with a roll-out or pull-out guard, telescopic channels ensure deep drawers are easy to open and close
  • It comes with an anti-tilt mechanism that prevents drawers from toppling over
  • The smooth channel length sections sliding into each other allow for easy drawer opening or closing
  • Available in soft closing options, it enables smooth functioning of drawers even if pulled out completely

It’s the timeless appeal of marble’s elegant beauty that makes it a classic architecture and furniture material. Loved for its high-end look, this opulent stone will bring a certain allure to your décor.

Black Marquina Marble: Strong and easy to maintain

Originally of Spanish origin, this marble gets its name from the Basque country quarries. Luxurious with a unique dark beauty and appeal, black Marquina marble offers high drama and sophistication to any décor you pair it with.

  • It is considered a balanced marble in terms of structure, with significant hardness, fine grains and irregular patterning
  • The black colouring forms the prominent background and the cross veins are white in colour
  • Usually highly polished, its characteristic whitish veins stand out in contrast
  • Ideal for tabletops and worktops, black Marquina marble lends a contemporary feel
  • Highlight your décor with this stark colour or contrast it with neutral shades of wood and metal

White Statuario Marble: High aesthetic value, durable

Famous for its fine, distinctive grain and exquisite white background, white Statuario marble contains the same white and grey hues found in Carrara, Italy. This makes it a sought-after stone for high-end furnishings.

  • White marble allows the natural greyish grains and veins of the material to stand out, and creates an impact even if used sparingly
  • As one of the most exclusive marbles, the cost is ranked on whiteness and clarity of veins
  • While it is versatile and can fit any theme, there are several varieties of this luxury white stone to choose from
  • Use it as a focal point in your room as it beautifully complements metal or wooden finishes

Your upholstery can have a major impact on the look of your furniture and home décor. It can make all the difference in how a piece looks, and improve the overall look of your home. Add a splash of colour with your upholstery and make yourself comfortable in style.

Grey Fabric: Elegantly neutral

The colour grey can lend a softer, homely look to your space. As a neutral shade, this colour can be paired with a variety of materials and textures. Add a dash of grey to your upholstery for a sophisticated feel.

  • Grey fabrics can lend a formal look on sofas, with an air of elegance
  • Pair it with wood or metal accents to create an overall smart, sophisticated interior
  • Mix or match it with brighter colours on soft furnishings, for more vibrance

Beige Fabric: Subtle and soft

As an understated lighter shade, beige can lend a luxurious feel to your space. Ideal for creating a workstation or a study space, this colour will make your décor inviting.

  • Often the most preferred choice, beige fabrics are neutral enough to blend with hard materials of flooring and woods
  • As a relaxing and earthy colour, it’s perfect as the base for vibrantly coloured loose cushions or runners
  • Whether you have an art deco or contemporary sofa design, beige fabrics bring in a comfortable feel

Teal Fabric

Your furniture forms the foundation of your space. This is why it is important to select your fabric colours meticulously. So, if you’re looking for a focal point, a teal-coloured fabric will work the best for you.

  • This fabric colour makes for a youthful and current look for your sofas
  • If used as a focal point, it stands out vividly as a base colour when it’s combined with muted coloured cushions and runners
  • As an unconventional colour, teal can give your sofa a contemporary look and feel

Tan Brown Leatherette

This is a great fabric colour if you’d like your furniture to blend in well with your décor. Paired with vibrant colours, a tan brown leatherette fabric colour can unobtrusively reveal the focal point of your space.

  • As a neutral colour, tan brown leather easily combines with a range of colours and textures, in soft furnishings or hard materials
  • Its natural shade also allows for a variety of traditional or contemporary furniture designs to shine through
  • Tan brown leather does not have a very strong grain or texture; it can be paired with printed fabrics on loose cushions or runners

Blue Leatherette

A stately fabric colour, blue brings in an air of elegance and expresses a more formal setting. If you’re planning a formal ambience, blue colour will seamlessly add that classical look to your space.

  • While blue lends a smart look, it’s a colour that can be playful too
  • It is mild enough to blend with a variety of designs and is preferred to showcase a contemporary theme
  • Blue can be elegantly paired with printed fabrics used for loose cushions or runners