The comfort of your




now at home

The comfort of your desk now at home

Make your days working from home focused and productive

We are here to assist you to remain connected and engaged as your work remotely from home

We spoke to our customers and identified two key elements which we have built into our work from home furniture range


Being lightweight and easily movable was something most of our customers wanted. We have taken this thought in most of our designs.

Made for Home

Our designs gel with your existing home furniture like they were made for each other.

Everything you need to do your best work

Your desk is where you can focus on the tasks that need to be taken care of. We understood this, so we have designed...

Study Tables

From attending online lectures to working, our designs offer boundless flexibility, enabling any activity that requires an inviting work surface to be done with comfort and ease. space. Designs so good, Sharmaji will be envious of you.

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Wall Mounted Study

With house rates becoming cheaper on Mars than in certain cities in India, we are sure you want to save some floor space. Why not select a wall-mounted study? Sleek and modern, designed to channel your inner hedonist.

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Laptop Tables

Be it a 15" Alienware laptop or a Chromebook, our laptop tables are designed to enhance your productivity. Easily portable and beautifully crafted, these laptop tables will make you the workoholic, your boss always wanted you to be.

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Folding Tables

Our folding tables are a perfect amalgamation of form and function. While not occupying much floor space, the smart design ensures that you do not have to compromise on your storage needs by providing you ample space to comfortably place your laptop and other essentials.

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We are committed to keeping you safe

The comfort and safety of our customers is our number one priority. We understand that these are uncertain times that we are going through and maintaining perfect hygiene standards is of utmost importance.

We have taken proactive measures to protect our employees, partners, customers, and the delivery personnel and ensure a safe delivery experience to you.

  • Frequent sanitisation of touched services
  • Daily Temperature checks
  • Masks & gloves provided for everyone
  • Intense cleaning of all products

01 Good Lighting

Ample Natural light is important and sitting in front of a window can help when video conferencing or studying. While setting up your space, try and place the study table close to the window.


02Workstation Decor

Having plants in your vicinity lightens up the mood and makes you happier and thus more productive. Create a space that makes you feel comfortable and productive by tweaking what you have.


03 Electrical Sockets

Avoid the use of extension boxes and preferably sit closer to an electrical socket. With extension boxes, comes the possibility of tripping over the wires or even wires getting entangled.


04 Easy Accessibility

A diary, a pen, your glasses; anything you need to be your best self should be kept nearby. PS: Always keep a pair of earphones handy.


05 The Space

This may be the most difficult one. No one wants to keep spending time moving their stuff around daily. Try and find a permanent space; maybe the couch in your living room or the swing in your balcony and make it truly yours.

When will I get my order?

Depending upon the product and the customisation you select, it can take upto 4 weeks for delivery.

Will the furniture fit in my space?

For every product we design, we share the dimensions accurate to the millimeter. You can measure the space you have and accordingly check if the furniture will fit in your space.

What is your furniture made of?

You can get more information on theMaterials and Finishes section of our site

Have more questions?

Find answers in our Help Center or drop a mail at support@denkali.com

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